What if you’re lurking in the shadow of your own career?

Maybe you’re hiding behind a website, devoid of personality and life.

Maybe you’re not showing up and sharing your brilliant ideas with the world.

Maybe you’re listening to others too much.

Maybe you’re muting yourself.

Yes, you’re growing your business. You’re in work-mode and focused on delivering exceptional work for your clients. That’s admirable.

But did you forget to create your own exceptional work?

You ignore the editorial calendar you created months ago.

You listen to podcasts but never consider pitching yourself as a guest.

You skip blog posts – no one really reads your blog anyway, right?

Ummm wrong.

You hide in your business.

I know – I’ve hidden in mine too.

So let me ask you, what if you stopped hiding and instead used your business as a platform to speak up, regardless of size, income, number of clients, years in business?

How would you feel?

How would showing up impact your business?

How would it impact your day-to-day life?

Those are all questions I asked myself before I started my own 30-Day Podcast Challenge in March.

After a quiet year juggling family and my new business while pregnant and unbelievably exhausted, I delivered my little boy in February and felt reenergized. I felt ready to stop hiding and ready to start showing up online.

I challenged myself to no longer lurk on the sidelines as a wallflower and instead jump into the party.

I guess I finally realized, after 32 years, that no one will choose you.

You must choose yourself.

So in my small way, by pitching myself to podcast shows I believe in, I started to position myself as my own thought leader.

Because like you, I have things to say and share with the world. We all do.

I challenge you to stop masking your mojo in your own business. Stop putting your client work first.

For the love of peanut butter, put YOUR creative projects first for once.

I challenge you to pitch yourself somewhere, anywhere. To a podcast show you dig, to a media publication you read, to a speaking event you’re attending. Whatever it is, choose yourself and stop waiting until you feel “ready”.

Because that day will never show up.

I share the ins and outs of my own podcast challenge in a recent interview with Miki Strong, host of the Unemployable Women Podcast.

I’d love to hear from YOU. What one thing are you doing this week to show up? Comment below.