Want conversion copy that provokes meaningful conversation at the (virtual) table?

Want conversion copy that is worthy of three Michelin stars and will make your customers salivate over your new service, course, or product?

Well, you’re in the right kitchen, Mon’Amie…


Welcome to Le Château de Copy

The House where Le Chef (moi) serves decadent copy on a Baccarat crystal platter. (We keep it classy, always)…

Copy sprinkled with personality and centered around both the science and art of research, optimization, UX, design and actually listening to your customers.

Sit back, chillax (yep, I said it), & sip on some Dom Perignon, Vintage 2006, while you peruse the menu and select the copy cuisine that will make you want to lick the plate clean.

Bon appétit!

Le Menu




The starter you knead to write copy that converts with your own private Copy Chef (moi), tucked in your apron and ready to tell you what to say, how to say it and when to say it. If you’re seeking strategic consulting, polish, and collaboration, this is the perfect cuisine for you.




You’ve spent hours in the kitchen baking your latest product, course, or program and NOW it’s time to share it with the world (and make some money). If you’re ready to work with a pro who gets waaaaay turned on by sales pages and emails, this platter could satisfy your hunger. 




You’re launching your new website and craving savory copy that will speak to your customer niche, match your brand to a T, and convert your visitors into leads. If you’re hankerin’ for web copy, one short form sales page, a new bio, tagline, opt-in copy, and a welcome autoresponder that is based on research—like interviews, surveys, focus groups, competitor analysis, etc.—this dish may hit the spot. 




You need a string of emails that not only strengthen your relationship with your community, but also turn leads into cash. If you’re ready for an email sequence that increases engagement, entertains, and makes selling easy, I highly recommend you let this Profiterole melt on your tongue. 

  • "When I need results, Kira delivers. She recently worked on a long form sales page for me that delivered a 43% lift and knocked the long standing control to the dust heap."

    - Amy Posner, Direct Response & Conversion Copywriter
  • "Working with Kira was one of my best experiences as an optimizer. While I can optimize any site for a client, when it came to writing a sales page to promote my own masterclass, I was stuck. Kira was dedicated to the task and really cared about the outcome of her work. Her results were beyond my expectations. Do NOT, I repeat, do not miss out on a chance to work with her."

    - Talia Wolf, Conversion Optimization Consultant & Trainer
  • "Kira's weird! That's why I wanted to work with her. Even though Kira's got her own style, she was able to encompass my voice into the copy--instead of trying to stick my stuff into her formula. After working with Kira, the sales page copy included my energy, colorfulness, and also an uncomplicated look at me."

    - The Stacey Harris, Social Media Strategist
  • "It's the rare copywriter that's both creative and data-driven - Kira is that rare find, that shimmering needle in a very large, very dry haystack. She's as dedicated, smart and talented as they come. And, I mean, how many marketers on the planet can discuss conversion opportunities while sporting a bear costume? Hire her - she'll help your business."

    - Joanna Wiebe, Copy Hackers Creator
  • "Working with Kira is not only a pleasure, it's profitable. Both from a design and a copywriting perspective, everything she touches becomes sharper, more engaging and (most importantly) more likely to trigger a response. We saw a 50% increase in response rate on one of the most recent marketing email campaigns that underwent Kira's magic touch. Now that's an ROI."

    - Chris Taylor, ActionableBooks.com Founder and President
  • "Kira is a quick-witted, fun-loving, ink slinger who has an incredibly impressive - dare I say 'mensa-like' grasp of instantly 'getting' your personality (and voice) and then helping you whip that into a delicious copywriting confection that your customers will be dying to devour…"

    - Sarah Ancalmo, Award-winning Creative Director & founder of Public Persona Studios
  • "Kira’s more than a copywriter … She’s a sales & marketing wiz who takes the time to understand your products & services so she can create perfect sound bites that convert into paying customers.

    If you want to be the best, you’ve got to hire the best.”

    - Erika Lyremark, Bestselling Author, Think Like A Stripper
  • “Kira just has this unbelievable talent for understanding and capturing your voice and portraying your authentic self while writing copy that’s going to convert. I’ve worked with other copywriters before, but Kira’s just on another level. Now I expect these incredible sales numbers because I know how good she is … and I know that I’m going to get that quality from her every time.”

    - Rick Mulready, Founder of The FB ADvantage
  • "For our second launch, our list of leads was the same - approximately 7,000 people - and we didn't tweak anything else... But the first time we launched, we averaged $37 earnings per lead. This last launch with Kira, we averaged $67 earnings per lead. We almost doubled our performance this launch, just by Kira changing our sales page copy. We did just shy of a half million dollars in sales, and it broke all of our previous launch records."

    - James Wedmore, Founder of Business By Design